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Half Season Plans

Head to the stadium with a Half Season Plan! Attend 33 games at FredNats Ballpark, with two plan options to choose from.

Opening Day Plan

Don't miss Opening Day! The Half Season Plan includes Opening Night at the ballpark.

Tue. April 12th
Thu. April 14th
Sat. April 16th
Wed. April 27th
Fri. April 29th
Sun. May 1st
Tue. May 10th
Thu. May 12th
Sat. May 14th
Wed. May 25th
Fri. May 27th
Sun. May 29th
Tue. June 7th
Thu. June 9th
Sat. June 11th
Wed. June 29th
Fri. July 1st
Sun. July 3rd
Wed. July 6th
Fri. July 8th
Sun. July 10th
Tue. July 26th
Thu. July 28th
Sat. July 30th
Wed. Aug.10th
Fri. Aug. 12th
Sun. Aug. 14th
Tue. Aug. 23rd
Thu. Aug. 25th
Sat. Aug. 27th
Wed. Aug. 31st
Fri. Sept. 2nd
Sun. Sept. 4th

4th of July Plan

Celebrate Independence Day at the ballpark, with a 4th of July Half Season Plan!

Wed. April 13th
Fri. April 15th
Sun. April 17th
Tue. April 26th
Thu. April 28th
Sat. April 30th
Wed. May 11th
Fri. May 13th
Sun. May 15th
Tue. May 24th
Thu. May 26th
Sat. May 28th
Wed. June 8th
Fri. June 10th
Sun. June 12th
Tue. June 28th
Thu. June 30th
Sat. July 2nd
Mon. July 4th
Thu. July 7th
Sat. July 9th
Wed. July 27th
Fri. July 29th
Sun. July 31st
Tue. Aug. 9th
Thu. Aug. 11th
Sat. Aug. 13th
Wed. Aug. 24th
Fri. Aug. 26th
Sun. Aug. 28th
Tue. Aug. 30th
Thu. Sept. 1st
Sat. Sept. 3rd

Please call the FredNats at 540-858-4242, visit the front office at 42 Jackie Robinson Way or fill out the form below to be connected to a ticket sales representative!

Note: Limited seats are available in the Diamond Box section.

Pricing and Seating Chart

More Information

Sign up below to be connected with a ticket sales representative.

Thu. April 23rd
Sat. April 25th
Sun. May 3rd
Wed. May 6th
Thu. May 7th
Tue. May 12th
Wed. May 13th
Mon. May 18th
Tue. May 19th
Fri. May 22nd
Sat. May 30th
Sun. May 31st
Tue. June 9th
Mon. June 15th
Wed. June 17th
Thu. June 18th
Sat. June 20th
Sun. July 5th
Tue. July 7th
Wed. July 8th
Thu. July 16th
Tue. July 21st
Wed. July 22nd
Fri. July 24th
Sat. July 25th
Wed. Aug. 5th
Thu. Aug. 6th
Sun. Aug. 9th
Fri. Aug. 14th
Sat. Aug. 15th
Thu. Aug. 27th
Sun. Aug. 30th
Mon. Aug. 31st
Fri. Sept. 4th
Sat. Sept. 5th
Fri. April 24th
Sun. April 26th
Fri. May 1st
Sat. May 2nd
Mon. May 4th
Tue. May 5th
Thu. May 14th
Wed. May 20th
Thu. May 21st
Sat. May 23rd
Sun. May 24th
Fri. May 29th
Wed. June 10th
Thu. June 11th
Tue. June 16th
Fri. June 19th
Sun. June 21st
Sat. July 4th
Mon. July 6th
Thu. July 9th
Wed. July 15th
Fri. July 17th
Thu. July 23rd
Sun. July 26th
Mon. Aug. 3rd
Tue. Aug. 4th
Fri. Aug. 7th
Sat. Aug. 8th
Sun. Aug. 16th
Tue. Aug. 25th
Wed. Aug. 26th
Fri. Aug. 28th
Sat. Aug. 29th
Sun. Sept. 6th
Mon. Sept. 7th