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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital tickets provide a safe, convenient and secure way for RiverDogs fans to use and share game tickets. They also helps prevent lost, forgotten and fraudulent tickets and provides a contactless entry solution for all fans coming through the gates at The Joe.

Digital tickets can be accessed in one of two ways. After purchasing tickets, you will receive a confirmation email with a link that says, “Click here to access your tickets.” Tickets can be viewed and scanned on a mobile device or printed off at home. If you are unable to locate that confirmation email, you can also access your digital tickets by logging into your "My Tickets" account directly.

A QR code or barcode (depending on the type of digital ticket used) will be shown on the screen of your mobile device at the gates and scanned by an employee for entry.

Yes, tickets can be printed from home by logging in to your "MyTickets" account on a computer, clicking on the menu in the upper right-hand corner, selecting “My Tickets,” and clicking on “Print Tickets.”

Yes, you can swipe to view and scan multiple tickets on a single phone. For example, if a family of four individuals is walking into the game together, only one person would need to show the four tickets on his or her phone.

Yes! To save tickets to your Apple or Google Wallet, view your confirmation email on your mobile device and select either “Click here to add your tickets to Apple Wallet now” or “Click here to add your tickets to Google Wallet now.” You can also add tickets to your Apple Wallet by logging into your MyTickets account directly.

Ticket Forwarding and Recalling

Yes. If they do not already have an account associated with the email address you forwarded the ticket to, they will be prompted to create an account upon receiving the ticket.

Yes, a ticket you receive can be forwarded to another individual. You (as the new sender) and the new recipient will both receive confirmation emails once the action is complete. There is no limit to the number of times a ticket can be forwarded.

You can view the recipients of your ticket forwards by logging in to your MyTickets account, clicking on “View All Ticket Inventory,” and then clicking on an event date. The name of the recipient will appear with each forwarded ticket.

Yes, the original ticket owner can recall a ticket back to his or her account no matter how many times it has been re-forwarded as long as it has not been scanned for entry.


After tickets have been purchased it can take up to 15 minutes for your confirmation email to arrive. If it has been longer than 15 minutes, we suggest checking your ‘spam/junk folder’ for an email from [email protected]. If you are using a Gmail account, please check the social and promotions tabs of your inbox as well. If you still cannot locate your confirmation email, please call the Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park office at (843) 577-3647.

You can reset your password by clicking ‘Reset Password’ on the MyTickets login page. You will receive an email with a temporary password. If you have difficulties resetting your password, please call the Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park box office at (843) 577-3647.

You are still able to purchase, use, print and share RiverDogs tickets without a mobile device. All necessary ticket actions can be completed by logging in to your MyTickets account on a computer.

We recommend viewing your digital tickets on your mobile device prior to arriving at The Joe. Once viewed, the data associated with your tickets will be saved to a storage area on your phone. They can be re-displayed out of this storage area without re-establishing a connection.

Visit the Box Office window at The Joe for assistance.

Double check that you are logged into a MyTickets account with the same email address and name that was used to purchase the tickets. If you are still having difficulty locating tickets you believe should be appearing, call the RiverDogs box office at (843) 577-3647.

Simply follow the instructions for recalling tickets. Once the ticket is back in your account, you can then re-forward it to the correct email address.

Double check that you are logged into a MyTickets account with the same email address the sender used to forward you the tickets. You may also have the sender recall the tickets and then re-forward them to you at your preferred email address. If you are still not able to locate tickets you believe should be appearing, call the RiverDogs Box Office at (843) 577-3647.