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Eastern League Standings

3/24/22 - Bowie Baysox Release 2022 Promotional Event Schedule

3/15/22 - Baysox Reinforce Front Office with Five New Hires

1/26/22 - Kyle Moore Returns to Lead Baysox For 2022 Season

Media Guidelines are subject to local health guidelines, as well as other decisions by Major League Baseball, and are subject to change at any point.

Credentials: A limited number of media members (including photographers) may receive credentials and access to certain Non-Restricted Areas. All media must apply for a daily credential with the Baysox Media Relations/Communications Department at least 48 hours before a game. Advance notice is vital in order to plan for physically distanced seating. Contact Matt Sabados at [email protected] or Phil Wrye at [email protected] to request the online credential form.

Media Entry: All approved media members will be subject to club discretion and its standards and policies that will govern entry, which are described in Minor League Baseball’s 2021 Operations Manual. Media access to the ballpark will be allowed beginning no more than four hours prior to first pitch. Media must leave the ballpark no later than 90 minutes following the conclusion of postgame interviews.

Limited Number of Approved Media: Because the total number of people allowed in a facility is subject to local laws and orders, the Baysox reserve the right to make approvals of media applications based on the applicable local guidance and the ability to safely physically distance all media, including by, if necessary, prohibiting media access on any given day (even for those who hold otherwise valid credentials).

Field/Clubhouse Access: Approved media members will not be permitted in Restricted Areas or in close proximity to players, coaches and field staff. The Restricted Areas include clubhouses, locker rooms, dugouts, training rooms, weight rooms, and any route inside the ballpark/facility utilized by players, coaches and field staff. Vaccinated media members will no longer be required to wear a mask on the field pre and postgame.

Press Box Seating: Credentialed daily media will be given for press box seating. No one other than credentialed media and game-day employees are allowed in the press box without the approval of the Baysox, which must come at least 48 hours in advance of the event.

_Interviews: _Any extended interviews with Baysox players, coaches or staff members should be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance with the Baysox Media Relations Department. All interviews will be conducted virtually during the 2021 season. Contact Matt Sabados at [email protected] or Phil Wrye at [email protected] with requests.

Field Camera Pits: These will not be accessible by any photographers or media members during the 2022 season.

Non-Working Media: Non-Working Media will not be able to access the ballpark this season without a ticket to the game or event. Press Box, field and clubhouse access will not be available to any non-working members of the media in 2021.

No Autographs: Media are not allowed to seek autographs from players or coaches.

The Bowie Baysox Pressbox hub will be a one-stop page for all of the necessary information for media to follow the Baysox. For any special requests, contact Matt Sabados at [email protected]

Bowie Baysox Media Guide