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Eastern League Standings

September 10 vs. New Hampshire
September 9 vs. New Hampshire
September 8 vs. New Hampshire
September 7 vs. New Hampshire
September 6 vs. New Hampshire
September 5 vs. New Hampshire
September 3 @ Akron
September 2 @ Akron
September 1 @ Akron
August 31 @ Akron
August 30 @ Akron
August 29 @ Akron
August 27 @ Erie
August 26 @ Erie
August 25 @ Erie
August 24 @ Erie
August 23 @ Erie
August 22 @ Erie
August 20 vs. Altoona
August 19 vs. Altoona
August 18 vs. Altoona
August 17 vs. Altoona
August 16 vs. Altoona
August 15 vs. Altoona
August 13 @ Richmond
August 12 @ Richmond
August 11 @ Richmond
August 10 @ Richmond
August 9 @ Richmond
August 8 @ Richmond
August 6 vs. Portland
August 5 vs. Portland
August 4 vs. Portland
August 3 vs. Portland
August 2 vs. Portland
August 1 vs. Portland
July 30 @ Somerset
July 29 @ Somerset
July 28 @ Somerset
July 27 @ Somerset
July 26 @ Somerset
July 25 @ Somerset
July 23 vs. Harrisburg
July 22 vs. Harrisburg
July 21 vs. Harrisburg
July 20 vs. Harrisburg
July 19 vs. Harrisburg
July 18 vs. Harrisburg
July 16 vs. Akron
July 15 vs. Akron
July 14 vs. Akron
July 9 @ Richmond
July 8 @ Richmond
July 7 @ Richmond
July 6 @ Richmond
July 5 @ Richmond
July 4 @ Richmond
July 3 vs. Somerset
July 2 vs. Somerset
July 1 vs. Somerset
June 30 vs. Somerset
June 29 vs. Somerset
June 28 vs. Somerset
June 25 @ Altoona
June 24 @ Altoona
June 23 @ Altoona
June 22 @ Altoona
June 21 @ Altoona
June 20 @ Altoona
June 18 vs. Richmond
June 17 vs. Richmond
June 16 vs. Richmond
June 15 vs. Richmond
June 14 vs. Richmond
June 13 vs. Richmond
June 11 @ Erie
June 10 @ Erie
June 9 @ Erie
June 8 @ Erie
June 7 @ Erie
June 6 @ Erie
June 4 vs. Harrisburg
June 3 vs. Harrisburg
June 2 vs. Harrisburg
June 1 vs. Harrisburg
May 31 vs. Harrisburg
May 30 vs. Harrisburg
May 28 @ Akron
May 27 @ Akron
May 26 @ Akron
May 25 @ Akron
May 24 @ Akron
May 23 @ Akron
May 21 vs. Altoona
May 20 vs. Altoona
May 19 vs. Altoona
May 18 vs. Altoona
May 17 vs. Altoona
May 16 vs. Altoona
May 14 @ Harrisburg
May 13 @ Harrisburg
May 12 @ Harrisburg
May 11 @ Harrisburg
May 10 @ Harrisburg
May 9 @ Harrisburg
May 7 vs. Erie
May 6 vs. Erie
May 5 vs. Erie
May 4 vs. Erie
May 3 vs. Erie
May 2 vs. Erie
April 29 vs. Richmond
April 27 vs. Richmond
April 26 vs. Richmond
April 25 vs. Richmond
April 22 @ Altoona
April 21 @ Altoona
April 20 @ Altoona
April 19 @ Altoona
April 18 @ Altoona
April 16 vs. Akron
April 15 vs. Akron
April 14 vs. Akron
April 13 vs. Akron
April 12 vs. Akron
April 11 vs. Akron
April 8 @ Hartford
April 7 @ Hartford
April 6 @ Hartford

Credentials: The 2023 credential application is now open at this link, and is always available at Please try to fill out the application as soon as you are able. If you would like to fill out applications strictly for your outlet, the Baysox will work with you to make accommodations. Major League Baseball additionally requires a signature on the Credential Agreement Form, which can be filled out when picking up your credential at the ballpark.

Clubhouse Access: The Baysox clubhouse will be opened to working media in 2023. For 7:05 p.m. games, media members with properly marked credentials (BBWAA or Baysox) will have access to the clubhouse from 3:10-4:00 p.m. For 6:35 p.m. games, media members with properly marked credentials will have access to the clubhouse from 2:40-3:30 p.m. Notification of your attendance to an open clubhouse session to conduct interviews is not required, but greatly appreciated. Due to staffing needs, the clubhouse will not be open in advance of day games. Any changes to the usual timing will be communicated through the daily game notes email.

Interviews: Any extended interviews, or interviews outside of normal open clubhouse hours, with Baysox players, coaches or staff members should be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance with the Baysox PR Department. Contact Matt Sabados at [email protected] with requests. Media may not conduct interviews on the field during stretch and batting practice without prior permission. Postgame interviews must be requested during the game and may not be guaranteed.

Game Highlights: Audio and Video game highlight clips will be made available to media for use in their coverage following the conclusion of each game. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to be included in this contact list.

Media Entry: All approved media members will be subject to club discretion and its standards and policies that will govern entry, which are described in Minor League Baseball’s 2023 Operations Manual. Media access to the ballpark will be allowed beginning no more than four hours prior to first pitch. Entrance to the ballpark is through the “Baysox Offices” glass doors to the left of the front gate, and the press box is located directly behind home plate. Media must leave the ballpark no later than 90 minutes following the conclusion of the game.

Press Box Seating: Credentialed daily media will be given priority for press box seating. No one other than credentialed media and game-day employees are allowed in the press box without the approval of the Baysox, which must come at least 48 hours in advance of the event. In the event of a lack of available seating, contact the Baysox PR Department to provide additional accommodations.

No Autographs: Media are not allowed to seek autographs from players or coaches.

The Bowie Baysox Pressbox hub will be a one-stop page for all of the necessary information for media to follow the Baysox. For any special requests, contact Matt Sabados at [email protected]

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